I’m a photographer and writer. I began photography in Autumn of 1998, when circumstances gave me the opportunity to take my life in new directions. I sell my photography as fine art prints and as stock. I’ve always loved to travel, experience nature, and express myself creatively. I’ve chosen photography and writing as ways to make these passions into a lifestyle and career.

My emphasis is nature photography: landscapes, wildlife, flora, fungi, patterns – anything and everything nature. I use my knowledge as a naturalist to find subjects and themes that people rarely see; then I use photography to share my experiences with others. I want to show people the beauty and wonder of the natural world, so that they may feel kinship with nature and be more inclined to preserve our resources.

My studio is wherever I find myself with a camera and Nature’s largesse. All of these pictures are taken outside, most with natural light. All of the animals are wild. Everything is photographed as found.

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